Designed specially for the ultra protection of the riders

Crux of the motorcycle gears!

The fully-fared helmet is lightweight, making it easy to use. Its tough shell is made up of High impact ABS Material which keeps the rider safe. (ABS will be simplified for our esteemed readers in coming days)

This helmet is IS 4161 Quality Rating Approved. It comes in Two sizes ‘580mm & 600mm’.

The Shape of the Helmet is clean and Aerodynamic in Nature.

Dashing Devil

The Visibility for the Rider is Excellent. Once you wear, The Dashing, move your eyes Left and Right to the extent. You will see your right and left horizon pretty easily. It has a Tough Scratch resistant Visor created using Polycarbonate Silicon Hard Coated Shell. The visor is seamless, it gives you outright open vision. Additionally, it is very easy to Remove and change.

There are Air Vents on the Top, Front and Back providing Excellent ventilation. Plastic rimmed look gives a stylish add-on to the helmet. Internal shell has High quality Styrofoam padding, multilayer thermocol to increase safety. Plus, The Inner Liner Can be Easily Removed to wash the Helmet.